04–Falling Through the Cracks?

In this episode we reflect upon Psalm 68 and the incredible capacity of the typical local church when it comes to emptying out the foster care system.



“A father to the fatherless…God sets the lonely families…”  Ps. 68

Do you feel called to start an foster/adoptive ministry in your church?

Project 127’s vision is a family waiting for every child.  That vision extends past Colorado, across the country, and around the world.

We’re dedicated to supporting and guiding others seeking to care for the kids in their own backyard and work toward inspiring, recruiting and resourcing families that look after kids in foster care.

Project 127 has been instrument in the organization and start-up of multiple ministries,including Arizona 127, DC 127 and NY127.

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7 Key Questions to ask when starting a foster/adopt ministry.