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  1. We were one of the first to bring a foster child home through Project 1.27. I could not do it, and sent him back into the foster care system. No excuses, I couldn’t do it! He went back with an aunt and his mom. My heart was broken when he lived with us, and broken when he left. That was ten years ago. Two weekends ago, he showed up at our front door. He hadn’t forgotten us, nor had we forgotten him. God is still good, but we all are not made out to adopt.

  2. Someone–Grateful for your story…Yes, God is still good (and the last chapter has yet to be written). My wife and I also experienced 4 disruptions along the way…my heart is still broken too. Hope you’ve heard me say many times in this podcast (and at least two times in this episode): “All Christians are called to care for orphans, but there are many ways to live out that calling, fostering and adopting are two ways but there are a myriad of others as well. Peace2U

  3. Pastor Rob, I am currently a member of your congregation, and have been faithfully listening to this podcast. Thank you for doing it.
    I don’t have specific comments about this specific message, but about adoption and fostering in general. I wanted to share some of the deep struggles, thoughts, etc, so that hopefully you could address some of them in future series, but also, because if I’m having these thoughts I know others are as well. Trying to be “real” to open up some honest conversations.
    Here are some of the thoughts/struggles and situations:
    -I have a heart for adoption but my spouse does not. This is true not only for me, but for a good friend of mine. Truth is, I know that God can change the hearts of man, but it is still hard when one spouse is on board and the other is not.
    -Many children in the foster system come from parents who had/have drug/alcohol abuse problems and/or mental health problems. Severe mental health problems, bipolar/schizophrenia/personality disorders. The concern is that there is a genetic predisposition to this, and that the chid/children will struggle with the same disorders. And while, I know that our biologic children could struggle with the same things, it just feels like the odds are higher with an adoptive child. And the thing is…I get it…God is bigger than genetics, He writes the story…but there is fear there. Fear of what the child and my family would have to go thru.
    -Personal experiences with adoptive families. Most of them have been bad. One family, their 13 yr old son has been placed in inpatient psych hospitalization multiple times. One, she struggles with heroin addition, depression, cutting, and suicidality. She has been dx with borderline personality disorder. Another family, their two biologic children went on to college and to be married and have families. The other two adoptive sons struggled with drug addition and did not finish high school. Again, I “know” God is bigger than all of this, I know God is in control, but it is hard for these stories to not scare me/others, place fear in our heart.
    -My family (uncles/aunts/grandparents) won’t accept/love the adoptive child
    -The fear of struggling/suffering. And I have to be real here. Jesus came, he came to die and suffer for us. And I know as a Christian that there is fellowship with Christ in suffering. And that He very well may call me/my family into a situation that is hard/painful/causes suffering. And that IS His good and perfect will. But suffering is still really hard to accept and to willingly walk into.

    Again, not looking for all the answers, just wanted to share some deep thoughts in my heart. A women who has a heart for adoption, but is struggling with the realities that she and her family may face.

    Thank you!

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