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Prepared Not Unprepared

How has God been preparing you?

In this episode I shared how God was preparing me from a young age to adopt and foster in faith.  It’s important that we remember the moments that brought us to a life of orphan care. For when times are difficult it will be these that will give us motivation and courage.

More importantly, when we recognize that God has been preparing us then we can more forward with confidence that we are prepared.

This doesn’t mean that we have all of the answers.  Rather it is a recognition That the God of the universe is guiding and leading our life.

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Future Shows

  • Building your family through adoption
  • Key scriptures that call us to care for orphans
  • Myths & Misconceptions
  • How to start an adoption ministry


What questions do you have about adopting and fostering in faith?  As you look back over your life, in what ways do you see that God has prepared you for the ministry of orphan care?

(Note:  This is my first time doing a podcast and I’m still working on the tech side of things.  Hopefully, in future episodes, I can remove the little distractions and balanced the sound/volume levels better.  Thanks for bearing with me on this.)

5 thoughts on “01–Prepared

  1. Now this is what living in the Kingdom is all about – not just hearing, but doing. Thanks for putting the spotlight on kids in need, truly the least of these. Awesome.

  2. When my husband and I got married 7 years ago, he didn’t have an opinion on how we started our family. I let him know up front that I would like to adopt. He said he was up for whatever. However, now he says he wants biological. I do not want biological and made that very clear before we got married. We are now at a standstill. Fostering and adoption keeps coming up in different areas of my life and I have been praying. My husband is not on the same page. Trying to be patient and understanding. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  3. May God bring you and your husband to a place of unity. Do you think he’d be willing to listen to this podcast with you?

  4. Hello Robert,

    Well, I’ve been quietly following your leadership the past two years, being in Issachar reading your book Finding the Groove, and now stumbling upon this podcast series. I’d love to tell you the ins and outs of my story and how you (without knowing it) have inspired me to start a jam session at Issachar, but this…This is where my heart breaks.

    I visited the southern border this summer with CCDA during the unaccompanied minors crisis and began discover God’s call on my life for orphans. I am a worship leader at Open Door Fellowship and have a passion for starting a foster care house / adoption system in our church, and would love your guidance. I don’t know where to begin with this but maybe you do. To give me an opportunity to share my heart and dreams that the Father has given, and ask for your help, wisdom and leadership.

    Even if we can’t work something out, I want you to know Your message, which I believe is God’s message is being heard, so if nothing else this message is to tell you to keep leading, keep discovering the truths that God reveals to us in our relationship with Him. Thank you for your blessing and gifting of rhetoric and calling others to deepening our trust in Jesus.

    May God continue to bless you your family and life dedicated to Him.


    Phil Heifferon

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